Personal Development Workshops


I offer a range of practical and inspirational workshops that bring a fresh angle to old themes. The overall aim of my courses is to empower and inspire individuals and groups to deal positively with challenges, think outside the box, find new solutions and help tap into the wealth of potential that lies within all of us.


Courses are tailored to suit individuals and groups with specific requirements and can be designed to briefs.

Course participants have the option of a follow up one to one coaching session to ensure maximum benefit to individuals attending.


Developing Your Vision

"Then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to blossom." (Anais Nin)


An inspirational workshop to explore your emerging vision


  • Take stock of where you are
  • Explore strengths, skills, natural gifts, passions and interests
  • Identify your current work and life values
  • Start creating a vision that reflects WHO YOU ARE NOW
  • Deal effectively with sabotaging thoughts and patterns
  • Open doors to parts of you waiting for permission to be expressed
  • Fully connect to your vision

" The course helped me focus on the essence of what of am doing, made me realise I spread myself too thinly and do too much. Left with food for thought and lots of tools to help me re-evaluate my own journey. Thanks for a great workshop!"

Sandy Shears

Children's Services Consultant, Suffolk

"The course really helped me to understand what I really want to do next in my career. I particularly liked the key point Alex made about identifying the essence of what we want in a job or career."

Mariana Florea, PA, Colchester 


"Thank you for a great workshop. I feel more focused and confident about the new direction I am taking"

Esnas, April 2012




Bringing Your Vision into Reality


"Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are so many tomorrows" (Michael Landon)


In this workshop I will guide you through the process of grounding your ideas and begin the exciting and challenging journey of bringing your ideas and vision into reality.

  • The power of setting your intention and commitment
  • Successful goal setting, short and long-term goals
  • Staying focused and on track
  • Successfully dealing with resistance, self-doubt and setbacks
  • Planning with the end in mind
  • Motivational techniques to stay on track
  • Intuition as a tool for success
  • 'Reading' feedback and reframing setbacks
  • The power of visualisation
  • Developing 'an attitude of gratitude'

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and went home with thoughts and a positive attitude that I can change things if I really want to. It was a great and empowering experience, thank you."

June 2012, Toni Varti

Corporate PA, London



Move on to Greater Confidence

This workshop will give you a set of practical tools and strategies for building greater self-confidence and self-esteem, minimizing anxiety and enhancing your positive mindset as a foundation for dealing with the challenges of life.

  • Acknowledging personal achievements - Celebrating You!
  • Identifying, listening and responding to your needs
  • Developing strategies to deal with anxiety
  • Allowing self-doubt to be your friend
  • Developing commitment and self-reliance
  • Goal setting and competence building for greater confidence
  • Stepping out of comfort zones
  • Tools for practising and reinforcing a positive mindset

"The course has made me think it's time for me to re-join the world. I've been hiding too long, it's time for me to be discover the new me and be in the world. I feel I've been given the boost I needed, thank you."

E.S. Colchester

Workshop  April 2012


Taking your Communication Skills to the Next Level

One of our greatest needs as humans is to have successful connections and to be understood, appreciated and affirmed in our work, family, personal life and business.

This one day workshop will provide a practical exploration of effective tools to enhance and fine-tune your communication skills. The workshop will include:

- The basic rules of communication

- Common barriers to clear interactions

- Using tone and language to achieve clarity

- Understanding unconscious messages via body language using NLP

- Using active, attentive and empathic listening to bring about results

- Dealing with difficult situations in the workplace and at home

- Asking questions to get the 'right' answers

- Making an impact and getting your message across

Participants will leave with a set of tools and techniques ready to practise in real life.

Observe the difference that mindful and effective communication can make.


"Much food for thought, felt stimulated and engaged with complex ideas. The delivery was excellent, very well-organised and relevant." V. Osbon, Community Worker Feb.2013

"Informative and interesting. Gave me new ideas to think about how I communicate and how to improve this. Informative and interesting!" A. Evans student, Feb 2013 

"Professional and well-presented" Princess, Community Worker

"Made me think twice about the way I listen and communicate, there's always room to polish up my skills." Mariana, Admin Officer Oct 2012


Successful Goal Setting

This course will help equip participants with skills and tools to set effective and achievable goals, using a range of powerful and practical techniques taken from the latest coaching, CBT and Motivational Development models. This is an introductory course which will provide high-impact tips on the following elements:

  • The power of setting individual and professional goals
  • Understanding and using SMART goals
  • The TGROW coaching model
  • The importance of milestones
  • Motivational techniques using NLP
  • Reframing - using perceived obstacles as stepping stonesi
  • How to 'associate' and emotionally connect to your goal
  • Additional tools and techniques from neuro-science and positive psychology

"The course gave me practical tools to help set goals. It has highlighted some of the barriers that I face. Lots to think through and apply." L.B. Administration Officer, Tacmep workshop March 2013 

"Thank you so much! The workshop gave me lots of positive energy!" Magdolina T.

"I am so glad I came to the course. I am aware of why I need to stay focused and what I need to do. Thank you so much for a wonderful opportunity to learn in this environment." V. O.  Development Worker, March 2013



 Winning CVs and Covering Letters
The course will guide participants through the process of producing a compelling CV that will create an impact and impress potential employers. Each participant will be guided through the process of reviewing their current CV, making necessary adjustments and producing one which will stand out and get them noticed. The emphasis of the course will be on CVs as a powerful and effective marketing tool.
• The ten golden rules of a winning CV
• Successful formatting and presentation
• Identifying your unique selling points
• Using powerful and active language
• Application of the ‘Identify, Evidence and Apply’ model
• CV Marketing techniques – Turning features into benefits
• Analysing employers’ requirements
• Adding value to employers
• Research – Tailoring your covering letter to the role and employer
• The 20 second impact test
• How to make your covering letter into a focused sales pitch
• Covering letters – style, structure and content
• Industry sound bites and buzzwords


"Very informative. I haven't done a CV for a long time and the course has helped me to go forward woth my CV writing with greater confidence."

Nerolie Patterson 2013


"A well-structured course. I gained a lot of 'do's' and 'don'ts' on how to construct a CV. I feel more confident in updating my CV now. A lot was covered in the time and lots of resources given to use in our own time."

Louise Bardell 2013



Marketing Your Transferable Skills

A high impact short course to boost your confidence in and awareness of the skills set you possess and to show you how these can be transfered to other jobs and careers you may not have considered before.

  • Learn how to increase the chances of getting the job you want!
  • Complete a detailed skills analysis to identify current skills
  • How your skills can be an asset to a potential employer
  • Match your unique set of skills to jobs and careers
  • Recognise skills accrued from other areas of life
  • How to present your skills on CVs, application forms and interviews

"I have discoverd in myself skills that I was not aware that I have!" M. Florea

"I am now able update my CV and go for an interview with full confidence."

 Tendei Marsters, Education professional

"It has made me aware of my full range of skills and how they can be transfered between jobs." Oana, ESL teacher

December 2012



 Stepping Up: Staying Motivated and Inspired in Between Jobs!

A course designed to give you a set of tools and shift perceptions to see the richness of opportunity in the challenging 'in-between-jobs' conundrum.
  • Eliminating energy drains
  • Practising self-care and developing greater self-esteem
  • Powerful goal setting techniques
  • Expanding horizons, exploring interest
  • Building supportive networks
  • Taking risks - stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Tips and breakthrough techniques on staying motivated


 'Thank you so much for your time and patience. I have really enjoyed my time with you and know that I will continue to develop the skills you have introduced to me.'

Angie 2010

Clacton on Sea, Essex


 Job Search With a Difference

This course offers a refreshing angle to the activity of looking for employment, encouraging participants to think outside the box, develop new positive thinking patterns and helpful habits that will increase their ability to attract new opportunities in the job market.

  • Turning restrictive self-beliefs into helpful thinking
  • Marketing yourself effectively
  • Developing new networks
  • Accessing the 'hidden' job market
  • Developing new skills and expanding horizons
  • The importance of effective daily rituals and goal setting
  • The power of 'Acting as if'
  • Taking control and developing your plan 


'I just wanted to say  a big thank you for all the help you have given me. You made a big impact on my life for the better.' Daniel, Clacton on Sea, Essex 20111



Finding Opportunity in Transition:
Dealing Positively with Redundancy
This one day course is designed to help you reframe and take a new look at the opportunities hidden within the crisis of redundancy. The course aims to empower and inspire you into taking positive action to help you regain control of your life and career path with renewed energy and enthusiasm.
  • A clearer understanding of the emotional impact of redundancy
  • Strategies to deal effectively with the consequences of change
  • An opportunity to re-evaluate work and personal values
  • Identify key strengths, skills and achievements
  • Explore options and 'think outside the box'
  • Expanding horizons and developing new networks
  • Develop actively helpful inner and outer resources
  • Success-building through milestones
  • Motivational tools and techniques to keep you positive



How to Attract More of What you Want in Your Life

A Practical Application of the Universal Law of Attraction - Drawing on the latest tools and techniques from the fields of Positve Psychology, Quantum Physics and neuro-science.


A cutting-edge course to raise awareness of the basic principles involved in developing the ability to attract things you want in your life and equip you with a set of practical tools to begin to put this into practice.

  • Looking at self-worth, self-esteem and the notion of 'deserving'
  • Developing the awareness of how we create our own reality
  • Examining our beliefs about how the world works
  • Learning to recognise and change negative thought patterns
  • Using visualisation as a tool
  • Overcoming common blocks and perceived obstacles
  • Creating a vision board - a fun exercise to start magnetising the things you want
  • Tips on how to start manifesting your goals - The real secret of The Secret!


Money and You 

A course to explore your relationship to and perception of money. You will have the opportunity to examine whether your attitude towards it are a help or hindrance to attracting more of it. Tips on how to attract greater abundance into your life.

  • Looking at meanings we attach to money
  • Play the Money Game to reveal your deepest relationship with money!
  • A look at society's values and messages about money
  • Develop an awareness of your own patterns with money
  • Scarcity and prosperity consciousness - what are they?
  • Learn to change unhelpful beliefs about money
  • Develop actions to start implementing your new perceptions
  • Tips and strategies on how to start attracting greater abundance

Promises to be fun, inspiring and insightful!