Messages of Inspiration

Some thoughts to inspire and empower.

All quotes are from my forthcoming book, a work in progress, watch this space!

Practise self-compassion and acceptance of wherever you are in life, whatever your situation, circumstances or issues you are experiencing.
 What if, the fact that we were brave enough to be born in itself is enough, we don't have to be, do or have anything other than where we are at to be worthy, not just worthy but amazing? Then anything we do happen to do on top of that is an added bonus! 
In this experiencing being human mode, we get lost in the 3D nitty gritty of our humanity and forget who we truly are. What if we reframed our existence our raison d'etre as having 'a human experience' holiday, a bit like those guys that gather together with their armour and swords and re-enact battles or medieval scenes just for the fun of it. 
Then they go home, take off the gear and talk to their wife about their little adventure and life goes on.

"When things don't work out and they continue to not work out, despite all your best efforts; if the situation is making you consistently unhappy, it may be time to pause and ask yourself: What is Life asking of me now? 

Know that there is a precious gift within all the pain and stress, a special message,waiting to be heard. The barrage of thoughts and turmoil of emotions drown out its subtle guidance. Quieten down, eliminate some of the internal noise, and temporarily distance yourself from the situation so you can hear the message.
Your deeper, wiser self speaks softly and kindly in whispers. Make room for it and listen. And then you'll know what deep down you've already been suspecting but have not had the courage to face. It may be time for change."



 "Whatever it takes you will do it, because you are setting forth the intention.  Stay focused on your vision and know that things will unfold just perfectly.  The actions that you are beginning to take will build up the momentum that is required.  The rest of it is about allowing.  Don't force things too much and know when to let go.


"Practise visualising and believing in a future destiny that you have constructed in your own mind, that is SO REAL in your own mind, that you begin to live as if it is already happening."


"Things may be what they are and possibly you cannot change them, but you can change your perception of them. if by magic, those things are changed too! This will free you to go forward in the way that you choose. and, it seems, you are spoilt for choice! Enjoy the journey and exploration."



Before going to sleep every night, make it a habit to allow yourself five minutes to do the following exercise: Think of three great things about your day. Really feel the gratitude like a warm sensation spreading in your body and say thank you. While still in that state, say thank you and feel the gratitude for a goal you have, as if you have already achieved it.

The key is in the feeling, the constancy of regular repetition, and also in the non-attachment of the outcome. Know it will manifest into your reality, don't worry exactly how.In your waking state take intuitive as well as logical actions towards your goal. In the meantime, keep visualising and feeling that attitude of gratitude every night and if you want, first thing in the morning too.



"Once your intention is set take steps, even if they are baby steps, and take them with constancy to create movement. Other forces will come into play so stay open in the process knowing that the right help, contact, book, guidance or opportunity is coming your way to help you on the your path."



"At times it is necessary to allow for an incubation stage; gathering, resting, researching, preparing on different levels. Overt action is not at all times the way forward. Preparation, they say, is everything. And 'they' seem to be quite a wise lot, whoever they may be!"



"Take risks, play, experiment, what have you got to lose? Not silly risks where you are compromising the safety and well-being of yourself or your family, but actions that extend you, out of your comfort zone, for fun, what have you got to lose? And who knows what you will discover along the way "



"Make time to live consciously with awareness and balance. Then you will have the ears to listen to the whispers and the eyes to notice the signs and messages. Yes, that would be your intuition calling.'"


"Keep in the forefront of your words, thoughts and actions that which you want to create in your reality. Imagine that the blueprint has already been created and you are now in the process of shaping it into its 3D reality."


"The door is opening and allowing you to step forward. The time is ripe. Take that step. Beautiful things await you. Synchronicities and people and everyday miracles. There is truly nothing to fear."


"As much as possible be in touch with your needs at any given time. Do you need a hug, a good healthy meal, a walk, some fun, peace, rest....? Whatever it is, look after yourself. Self-neglect seems to be a consequence not only of low self-esteem but also of a too busy and cerebral existence. Getting the basics right will give you a good foundation. Friend Maslow agrees!"


Life is not perfect, it’s not even great. Who said it would be? No one promised.

Take the downs with the ups and don’t let the films and advertisements fool you into thinking that it should be a certain way.

The truth is that Life simply IS.

Your reality is the only reality you can truly rely on and that is in your own hands.

What you believe, you will manifest.


"The reality you create is largely a result of your expectations. Set your sights low and that is what you will get; if you believe and naturally expect a good job, healthy finances, a decent relationship, and are in the right mindset to welcome it into your life, then you are much more likely to attract it. Raise your expectations, set the intention, take the right action and allow Time to do its work."



“Who I am is enough. I am enough by simply being. I am connected to everything and everyone around me by the Universal Life Force Energy.  I have nothing to prove, nothing to strive for.  Striving has got me a degree of success, but mostly struggle and headaches. I much prefer nowadays just to experience; to create and co-create, to allow things to happen, to do things without getting attached to outcomes. At last, I have let go of enough layers of ‘stuff’ to discover that the treasure I have been seeking has been there all along. Now it is time to relax, enjoy and play!”