Corporate and SME Wellbeing Services

Inspirational Interventions for Managing the Impact of Covid

To what extent are your employees and teams getting the support they need in the present crisis?

What has been the impact in engagement and productivity? 


Now more than ever employees are vulnerable and more prone to stress, presenteesm and sickness. We are continuing to experience the impact and ramifications of Covid with ongoing restrictions.


Yet research has already shown that organisations that take their Duty of Care to employees seriously, through  investing in Wellbeing and prevention measures, suffer less presenteesm, more productivity and cohesion, higher levels of trust and greater levels of personal wellbeing, than those that simply tick boxes.


In what ways can we begin to not only manage this with our teams but use it as time to prepare for the next chapter?

How can we turn those challenges into opportunities for new ways of being and working that bring increased benefit to workers and organisations?


Tailored and impactful workshops for your organisation. 


- Mental health support for employees

- Toolkit to support remote workers

- Managing staff who are dealing with anxiety

- Building trust and flexibility for remote worker

- Promoting dialogue and authentic communication

- Handling changing roles and expectations

- Motivation in uncertain times


Workshops on specific wellbeing topics with employee follow up:

- Fatigue and work-life balance

- Digital and attention management

- Effective remote line management

- Keeping balanced and healthy

- Adapting to change and embracing innovation



I work with teams and one to one across a broad spectrum of sectors to help deliver transformational results and achieve performance breakthroughs.


Coroprate and Business coaching services



Responding to your Staff & Management Training requirements

Delivering valuable key outcomes on wellbeing and work management


Changing Lifecourse provides a range of packages and flexible coaching services tailored to your and your organisational requirements.


Helping teams and management develop:

- Shared values and goals

- Mapping out and tracking performance

- Developing coaching cultures of alignment and accountablility

- Developing greater focus and self-belief

- Skills to manage difficult relationships

- Helping to make the workplace a creative and supportive environment

- A balanced and holistic approach of work and the rest of your life!


- Imrpove your personal performance

- Reduce job-related stress

- Improve efficiency, time-management and teamworking

- Gain fresh insights and map new ways forward

- Attain a toolkit for managing challenges more effectively


Following an initial meeting we agree on clear outcomes for ust to work towards. I use a range of coaching methods and materials tailored to your needs.


To book an initial consulation please call me on 07436 113033  or email

Happy clients speak of their successes:


"Kids Back for the Future"

"Alex really helped me focus on my objectives and to map out the complex tenets of my business.I was able to plan and implement as well as broaden my reach with a business that I am totally passionate about and take myself and my  business to the next level.

I am going forward now with renewed confidence and clarity and taking measured but exciting risks that I never thought I would have the courage to take"

CEO Lyndee Oscar