Coaching Testimonials

What my clients say...

"Working with Alex for just a few months left me feeling much more focused, balanced and ultimately happier. Straightaway Alex enabled me to see things from a different perspective and feel much calmer about some of the challenges and opportunities in my life.

Alex very quickly enabled me to articulate my priorities and understand what I really wanted. I thoroughly recommend working with her."  C. F. Author and Parliamentary Assistant, London

'Alex is a life coach extraordinaire. You set the intention and she will get you there. I had a significant block which I needed help with in order to get me to my goal and Alex helped me reframe the issues, set personal time frames, visualise my desired outcomes and guide me to put my plan into action. She helped me regain my self-belief, overcome my fears and barriers and achieve what I set out to do. Yoda, your name is actually Alex Klokkaris!’
Susan M.    General Practitioner Suffolk, UK

"Working with Alex has been an absolute pleasure. While allowing me to take the time to think and reflect on my inner thoughts, she teased out the most hidden fears blocking my way forward. With her expert guidance, I gained clarity on my core values, uncovered untapped abilities and gained confidence in my decision-making. I am now motivated and moving step by step towards my goal. Thank you Alex."

Yvonne T.

Practice Legal Executive, Leeds

"I began my coaching with you at a time of great stress and big pending decisions, regarding complex issues around my career, family and lifestyle. Through our coaching I was able to examine options from so many angles as well as do a degree of soul searching about what is important for myself and my family. So much has happened since our coaching. I have resigned from my job at the university and will be joining another soon. My family and I are very happy about the decision. I am very grateful for the part you played in this process, in helping me to gain clarity and to process things on so many different levels. Our coaching sessions and having your ear were very helpful to me. Thank you again for that. A BIG thank you.'

Sebastian B.  University Academic


"Just to say thank you for your support over the past 18 months.I guess the most helpful lesson that I have learned from the life coaching has been to listen to myself …the real me that has been buried whilst I have been busy living life through other people."

R.T. Council Services Officer

'It has been a real pleasure to have Alex as a Life Coach.  After initial trepidation and a slight sceptical view towards life coaching, Alex immediately put me at ease by explaining LC and her role in the process. Our sessions have been great fun and I regularly looked forward to them. Alex has a wonderful, professional and sincere approach with a warm sense of humour which made our sessions thoroughly enjoyable, productive and valuable. After each session I felt fully revitalised, invigorated and recharged and ready to hit those challenges square between the eyes! I have developed as a person through our sessions with a renewed clarity in my life, and Alex was pivotal in that change.'

Kevin Hannigan

IT Engineer


" I have made so many changes with your support, big life changes, and feel that I am being myself at last! I have been on an emotional rollercoaster but have come out the other side! My life has vastly improved with opportunities that I would never have dreamed of!  So I am really starting to live the life that I choose so thank you for helping me with that." Linda, Council worker, Essex


"Alex is an excellent coach who has a sensitive and caring approach. She listens without judgement and then asks key questions that have been effective in helping me make the necessary changes in my personal and professional life. She has a generous nature and brings both humour and wisdom into the sessions. I would highly recommend her."

T.F. Head of Department, London College of Fashion

' I would like to summarise my life coaching sessions with Alex, by stating that they were life changing. I am incorporating insights I gained through my life coaching into long-term strategies that are sustaining the positive changes we worked on together.  I found the sessions empowering and inspiring as Alex guided me in finding the inner strength and tools I needed to bring about the required changes in my life.'


Counsellor and Complimentary Therapist


' I worked with Alex over several months. Her approach is extremely professional yet friendly, this helped me feel at ease during our coaching sessions. Alex has an incredible ability to ask the right questions and even more importantly wait for the answers, helping me to clear the clutter in my mind and enhance my own self belief with her infectious enthusiasm which she displayed throughout our entire coaching process.'

 William McCafferty

Professional Trainer and Coach


" Being coached by Alex has enabled me to view how I operate from a totally new perspective.  Throughout our sessions, I have always felt encouraged and supported to make necessary changes and come up with solutions that were right for me. This has resulted in me being more effective and organised in my studies, social life and relationships.  I would be very happy to recommend Alex as a coach. In addition to being extremely professional, she also has a warmth and sense of humour that made our sessions fun and enabled me to feel trusting enough to be totally open and honest, which made our sessions even more effective."

Anne Draycott

Owner of 'Time for Your Life'

"Coaching has really helped me plan my future.  The process you took me through helped to clear my focus.  It caused me to look at things from a different perspective and although a lot of the time it just confirmed my thoughts, it also gave me some surprises.  It helped me move forward with a plan that I feel confident about. I recommend it for everyone."

 Lynne F.

Educational Manager


'I embarked on coaching at a time in my life when I realised that some big changes needed to take place. I had previously falteringly begun to explore possibilities, but was feeling disheartened about my ability fo find a realistic way ahead. Alex helped me identify some vital elements that I needed to deal with before I could even think of properly mapping out goals for the next stage in my life. 


Through her very perceptive coaching, I was able to clarify the problems and set up what have turned out to be some very effective strategies for dealing with them. I have set myself some goals that are, I feel, for the first time in my life, centred on what I want, rather than what other people would like me to do. Alex is genuinely devoted to helping other people achieve their potential and I am sure many people will benefit from her input.'


Teacher and Artist, Colchester


" I have been deeply touched by Alex's coaching style. She is, in my opinion, an incredibly talented coach who is able to reach areas of uncharted territory, in a professional, gentle and tactful way. I felt this was the right time to work on some core issues of concern that were getting in my way, and she was the right professional to work with on this. Her professionalism and intuition is astounding and I feel anyone who has her as a coach or trainer is very lucky.  Alex helped me access greater levels of clarity and insight and to transform these into strategies and into real and concrete results. I am happy to personally recommend Alex by phone or email if anyone so wishes."

Suzie Couper

Marketing and Sales Professional, Leeds


"Thank you so much for coaching me over the past few months, what can I say but WOW you really are a terrific coach.  Not only did we set goals for each session but the actions worked beyond any ideas I had. I have truly enjoyed the experience of working with you, you are truly inspirational and I will keep on with the actions to move on with my life. I've learnt that not all actions have to be huge, but can be the simplest things to do. Without our coaching, I would not have identified them for myself. It's true what they say about not being able to see the wood for the trees. I certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to others who are searching for something better and more rewarding in their lives."

Pat Ayling

Corporate Coach


"Before I was coached I was in a muddle with my studies, financial situation and weight. My studies are now going fantastically, I have consolidated finances and reduced monthly outgoings and I have lost weight.  I had never been coached before and have found the whole experience a real eye opener. The only way I can describe bieng coached is that, with your encouragement and feedback, it feels like you've sold me to me! And because I believe in myself 100%, I've now bought myself and I feel like nothing could stop me from achieving my goals.  A strange analogy, I know, but it's the only way I could desrcibe it! So what can I say apart from Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jo T.

Events Organiser

Woking, Surrey



"Life coaching and how it works was fully explained to me before our sessions started. Alex made our discussions both interesting and fun. She is easy to talk to, and instantly makes you feel at ease. I took small steps forward each time and had 'homework' to move me closer to my main goal. Alex has brought out my much hidden, creative side, something I was not confident with before coaching. I would like to thank Alex for showing me that my goal is possible to achieve."

L. Denton


"Alex is an excellent coach, she is able to combine active listening skills with an ability to ask leading questions. Her direct way of asking me very pertinent questions helped me to stay focused on the issues I needed to discuss and her calm persistence helped me to think clearly so that I could make appropriate decisions in matters related to my business and how best to market it.
Her very personable manner was most helpful when addressing challenging issues and her ability to maintain this approach was very much appreciated."

Paul Grace  Education & Coaching Consultant, Manchester