Life Coaching, Personal Development Consultant, Training                                          Online, telephone or face to face (whenever possible)


                 by Alex Klokkaris





 In these times of accelerated change and huge uncertainty, as well as factors perceived to be out of our control, it is becoming more important than ever to take the time to step back and re-evaluate, re-assess and review.


What is the opportunity within the crisis? What are we being asked to learn? How can these challenges be turned around and be used as fuel for growth and discovery? How could you realign your life to reflect your current values and priorities? What adjustments do you need to make to enhance your own quality of life and experience of work? 


My range of courses and one to one coaching give you the opportunity to do just that: To reconnect to your own truths and priorities and begin to express and apply these in your everyday life, your work,  family and your vision of the future, starting from where you are now.


I offer a unique brand of training and coaching services combining:


  • A fresh look at old themes and challenges in the workplace, career and personal development
  • A flexible and tailored service adapted to your individual and organisational requirements
  • An adaptable set of practical tools from the latest personal growth developments in neuro-science and positive psychology, for immediate application and a more effective attainment of your goals



My belief is that everyone possesses individulal talent and potential and has a unique contribution to make in this world.  My role is one of catalyst and bridge to help you identify areas of your life which you want to change, improve or achieve in and take positive, sustained action to turn that potential into a reality.


 I will inspire and empower you to move forward towards living and expressing your individual path and potential to the fullest in your professional or personal development.


 I use a range of strategies and tools specifically tailored to your individual or organisational needs and can help you turn problems and challenges into opportunities to gain new levels of confidence and achievable life-changing results.