Changing LIfecourse Training and Coaching has an ethos of contributing to the wider community and making a difference. We promote inclusivity and a celebration of similaries and differences.

Everybody welcome to this year's Rice and Spice Festival at First Site, Colchester  on Sunday 9th September 2018 , 12 noon to 5.


Changing Lifecourse Coaching actively supports community initiatives and for the third year running, I have found myself in the depths of the local community helping to organise parts of this festival. Will be great to see you there!


Organised by the purely volunteer-led Colchester Ethnic Forum, this is what we do: We create an arena for getting people together from all parts of our diverse community to meet and  interact, enjoy music, dance and  food from different cultures. Also to  have fun, learn from each other's cultures, and have the opportunity to mingle and  break perceived barriers. 

In our last two festivals, everyone commented on the great, inclusive and dynamic atmosphere and friendliness. You'll find me in the Wellbeing area or doing the Greek dance workshop!


Free entry and suitable for all the family


Also will be doing a talk, once again everyone welcome

2 pm  Talk: on mindfulness in everyday life  Be Here Now. How to Lose Your Mind and Come to your Senses!'



Open Dialogue Workshops



Promoting social inclusion and access to public and local services


A rare opportunity to initiate and develop sustainable relations with local black and ethnic minority groups. The aim of the Open Dialogue is to provide an arena to explore ways forward to increase engagement and access to public services, as well as participation in the wider community. The relationship of trust that the trainers have built over years working closely with local BME communities, provides the ideal conditions for an open dialogue where much-needed communication can take place. The process of ‘bridging of the gap’ will be encouraged for these communities that are under-represented and often slip through the net in terms of access to local provision.

The Open Dialogue workshop will bring together a small invited audience from the local BME community, with interpreters where needed, and will provide an opportunity to dialogue with public service and third sector professionals and volunteers.

The 3-hour Open Dialogue will be structured in such a way as to maximise communication and provide opportunities to achieve the following aims:

  • To improve understanding of intercultural issues regarding access public and other local services
  • Gain a greater understanding of the impact of culture/ethnicity on ethnic minority members’ ability to access and participate in local services and initiatives
  • Initiate and explore ways of developing sustainable relations with local BME groups and individuals
  • Provide the opportunity for local BME members to have their voices heard regarding access local services
  • Identify barriers to accessing local services through sharing experiences of accessing or using public and social provision
  • Identify ways to increase participation in integrated and joint up work and initiatives
  • Explore how information sharing can be made more accessible and relevant to BME individuals
  • Identify ways forward to develop culturally relevant services and processes that reflect and include BME needs



Following introductions, the space will be given over to the participants. Delegates will be divided into smaller groups with a facilitator at each table to help generate discussion through asking open ended questions on identified themes. Interpreters will be present as required. A scribe on each table will note main points and will feed back to the group at the end in an open space session.  A series of recommendations based on the open dialogue and an evaluation report will subsequently be disseminated to all delegates and attendees.

Training delivery: Alex Klokkaris in association with Rachel Walton from AFiUK, social enterpise.

For more details please contact me Alex Kokkairs on 07436113033 or drop me an email